24/7 Collison Towing services

24/7 Collison towing services

Today, road accidents have become a very common phenomenon. Though people always want to protect themselves from this kind of incidence, it is very unfortunate that sometimes people have to face it. If it occurs to you in Calgary, we will help you by providing 24/7 Collison towing services. Moreover, we offer some other services and those are, vehicle breakdown services, car battery boost or jump start services etc.

5 things that you should do while you get in the road accident

  • You must dial 911, if anyone hurt.
  • You should exchange the contact information and insurance with the other party.
  • Checking the driver’s license is very necessary since this way you can verify the correct information.
  • You must collect some important information such as the registration number of the vehicle, model number, name, address and the contact number of other parties etc. Don’t forget to check his/her driving license.
  • Don’t forget to file an accident report after this incident.

Since our experienced drivers are all over Calgary and its surrounding areas (such as High River, Carstairs, Okotoks, Didsbury etc.) so, we can response you quickly. So, don’t be worried and contact us whenever you need.

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